UNIFARMA Since it's inception is producing high Quality herbal products which helped it expand rapidly across the globe. The Company has achieved Excellence in variety of herbal products and is accepted as a brand of repute in the World.

The Milestones Achieved by UNIFARMA:

R Nd D  In 2004 Unifarma became first company in Latvia to import medicines from countries outside Europe.

R Nd D In 2007 Unifarma Established Unifarma-Ukraine with head office in Kiev.

R Nd D In 2011 acquired manufacturing facility named "Aptiekas Produkcija"

R Nd D In June 2013 launched Unifarma Herbal range in Latvia

R Nd D  Expanded sales operations in more than 10 countries world-wide.

R Nd D March 2015 Unifarma completed 15 successful years of operations.

R Nd D Unifarma is having many exclusive products in market which no one else is having.

R Nd D April 2015, launches operations PAN INDIA in one go, with extensive distribution network, expert field force & excellent Products.