UGCH Mission & Vision


UGCH Mission : To become one of the most trusted name in the herbal medicine sector by offering herbal specialties not only to treat disease conditions but also for a healthy living naturally. UGCH offers natural body care herbal products with a mission of enriching lives through the pleasure of our products and the positive impact of our business practices. That impact touches individuals, communities, and the world. Our goal is to provide high quality life style at affordable price.

UGCH Vision : To offer natural solution for all diseases & disorders of human body and make the same available to masses across the globe through initiatives of horizontal & vertical expansion and to become one of the Fastest Growing company in Health and Wellness sector In India.

UGCH Value : Grow with people and achieve our Mission , "Together we will and Together we can."

Health is the prime enabler to a fulfilling life. The charms of the world, the exhilaration of being able to act and reap, can only be relished by a healthy person. Diseases have posed a challenge since time immemorial. At UGCH, we combine the offerings of traditional wisdom and modern science to offer tangible health solutions based on "Since of Life - Ayurveda". We are forerunners in the field of herbal medicinal products as well as body care products.

We aim at enhancing the overall condition of life through safe and natural medicines. We are sincerely working hard to emerge as a company that people can rely upon for its safe and effective Ayurveda treatment and positive health management programs that includes Ayurveda based herbal product line and health and wellness training programs.