UGCH Excellence

Awards & Achievements

R Nd D Won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2016 for Unifarma Herbals Neem Dental Cream.
R Nd D Acclaimed International Award for leadership in image and quality among 30 countries.

Research & Development

R Nd D We at UGCH Continuously focus on Research & Development and innovation which lead to numerous formulations. We develop and Offer 100% pure herbal Ayurvedic Products. Which are made from high Quality Indian herbs.
R Nd D Unique Concept Selling products.

Raw Material

R Nd D Source only the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs available across India.
R Nd D Raw materials are thoroughly inspected for cleanliness, contamination and treated for permissible microbial loads and heavy metal content as per the FDA.
R Nd DStandardization, efficacy, active molecules and quality of herbs and extracts regularly tested using the most modern techniques.


R Nd D Product made by World class manufacturing facilities.
R Nd D Fully automated plant allows for highest level of hygiene without human touch.



R Nd D Modern and attractive packaging facilitating customer recall.
R Nd D Option of Child Resistant bottle or blister packaging.


R Nd DCustomers are provided comprehensive, reliable and prompt service by trained professionals.
R Nd D Offices in India, Riga (Latvia) and marketing associates in various countries provide for local contact.

UGCH has developed researched based health products from ayurvedic herbs of India preserving all the vitamins and minerals that are useful to cure ailments of body , mind and other deformities. UGCH Product range includes: herbal medicine, personal care and food supplement products. It consist of herbal products for skin care ,herbal oils like kalonji oil, Garlic Oil, herbal supplement for weight loss, Slim Tabs for natural weight loss, U-GLOW the herbal fairness cream, Ayurvedic Triphala Capsules, Ayurvedic Ashwagandha Capsules, Ayurvedic Shallaki Capsules, Ayurvedic Shudha guggul capsules, Ayurvedic Shatavari Capsules to name a few. Unifarma Herbals is launched in India with Healthy India Mission.